Boys’ Trip

My last “boys’ trip” to Vaca Cove took advantage of one of the off-season specials they offer.  Units are available for rent at a price that is discounted enough for it to be a good value for guys to arrive on a Wednesday and fish, dive, snorkel, whatever Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.  You can obviously get there earlier, since you’ve rented the place for the entire week, but a Wednesday arrival is what’s worked well for our group.  

For this type of trip we all fly in and don’t mess with bringing a boat down, although you certainly could if someone lived close enough.  There are some boat rental places: Captain Hooks, which I’ve previously mentioned for snorkel supplies, and Tropical Boat Rentals. Most places will include some fishing equipment, although you need to buy your own bait and tackle.  

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The Historical Keys

Did you know the Keys contain what was once called the “The Eighth Wonder of the World,” also known as the Seven Mile Bridge?

The Keys’ rich and vibrant past is perfect for vacationing history buffs. Pigeon Key, on the west end of Marathon, provides a great overview of what building the Keys railroad was like. To get to Pigeon Key head to Knight’s Key by car, or go to Pigeon Key directly via boat.

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A Beautiful Day

Hi there, I’m Jason. One of the owners at Vaca Cove! This is my blog post on what I would consider a perfect day down in the Keys.

At Vaca Cove there’s lots to do if you want and lots of ways to relax, if you don’t! Here are some of the activities my family and I recommend during your stay:

Flex your muscles at Nick’s Fitness Express with a weekly memberships and 24-hour access. Afterward, grab a post-workout coffee at Curly’s, a Marathon staple.

I love to jump in the pool at Vaca Cove to cool off after my workout. Usually, I can find my kids and wife already splashing around by the time I return from the gym.  We love to spend time by the pool, but one of my son’s favorite activities is to take a kayak trip under the Sadowski Causeway and into the Mangroves by Coco Plum.  If fishing is more your style, we love to drop a line in the water and try to catch a few jacks that like to move through the channel.  

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